"Best Sushi Bar
in Newport!"

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11:30am - 10:30pm

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Want some Sushi? Check out our MENU link above!

Want some Sushi? Check out our MENU link above!

Want some Sushi? Check out our MENU link above!

Sumo Sushi, "Best Sushi Bar in Newport!"
Welcome to
Sumo Sushi
located in the heart of historic Newport, Rhode Island. We offer the freshest fish everyday, prepared in the finest tradition. Come visit us for a relaxing meal where we offer a wide variety of Sushi, Sashimi, Maki & Temaki rolls and other traditional Japanese and Korean delights. You can sit at our Sushi Bar and watch Steve Lee, the Chef and owner, prepare your meal right in front of you, or enjoy your meal at one of our artfully decorated tables. We are open for lunch & dinner. Stop by to dine in at our restaurant or call us to take home some freshly prepared Sushi!
Come and sit with Steve Lee at the Sumo Sushi bar!
The art of Sushi and the sport of Sumo wrestling share a common thread from Japan's 'Edo' period of the 1700's. It was at this time that Tokyo went by the name Edo and during this era the age old tradition of Sumo wrestling was gaining recognition as an official sport in Japan. At the same time a unique food style was beginning to develop by slicing seasonable local fish and placing it on top of bite-sized vinegared rice balls. From it's origin over 300 years ago, the Sushi style we know today has become extremely popular and is served throughout the world. So come down to see us at SUMO SUSHI and enjoy a taste of the Orient!

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Local checks accepted, a minimum of $10 is required.
A 15% gratuity will be included on orders for parties of 5 or more.
All sushi bar tips are divided among the Server and Sushi Chefs.

If you're looking for an email address so that you may write to us,
we ask that you instead call us, as we're at the restaurant all the time
and rarely have a chance to check email. Thank you!

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